Oh, hi October!


October is here. As with every.single.blog.post.EVER, I'm starting it out by gasping at how fast the days, weeks, months, and years fly right by! It's definitely because I'm an adult. Remember when, as a kid, summer days and weeks stretched on and on? These days, now, zoom past faster than I can even keep track of. Alas, here I am. Blogging. 

Also, in the spirit of being repetitive, the older I get, the more I love and crave fall. A.k.a. the less time I spend at or in the pool, the faster I want to be able to wear sweaters and boots. And just like every girl with a social network, I quite enjoy a PSL!

I was reminded via TimeHop that I did #write31days two years ago. I tried to blog every single day of October. I think I made it having only missed two or so posts. I can't commit this year. Again. Because I'm unprepared. Hah. My friend Kasia is doing it though, so be sure to follow her over at www.kasiaskitchen.com! (Thanks Blogger app for no way to add links...)

What are your favorite things about October? 



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