What IF I actually lived...

like I have been rescued and redeemed? Because, friends, I have. After IF: Local, I feel like I'm still processing all that I heard and all the wisdom that was offered to me.

It's not about who knows me.

What if I used my passion for things like sharing grace and working on racial reconciliation rather than trying to build up my own name and worldly treasures? 


Everything you just read has been in my drafts since IF last year. Now, here we are, on the eve of IF again. 

I still remember last year's IF being amazing and challenging and just more than I could have hoped for. 

The enemy has been working overtime this week to ensure that I (and some of my friends) are distracted or discouraged. Here's to shaking the devil off and clinging to the life and hope we have in Jesus. 

Whether you'll be at IF: Pinelake or IF in Austin or at another local event or in your living room live streaming, rest in the truth that God has for you. 

It's going to be a great weekend getting to know more about Jesus. 



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