My 30th Birthday Wish List - LOTS of Flair

I turn 30 on May 18. If you've been around for any time at all, you should know by now that I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY! I like to celebrate for the entire month, and this year is a BIG ONE!

I thought I'd start my birthday wish list as a blog post in case you wanted any gift ideas! (I know, I know - WHO DOES THIS? Me...)

I'm a new collector of flair/enamel pins. By new, I mean that I have two (non-Disney), and I want a ton more!!!!!!

Here are some that I'm yearning for:

Royal Palm 


Happy Heart

Los Angeles





Ice Cream


JESS, DEAN, LOGAN (because my GG heart is still undecided!)


Twin Peaks (the show, not the fine dining establishment)

Y'all. HOW CUTE ARE THOSE?!? (And such a modest price point!) I have so many saved on my Etsy wish list, too! You really can't go wrong!!!! Also, most of this list is also AMAZE (even if not individually listed above!)


P.S. I know. I should be embarrassed.  #Shameless


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