But God...

How many times have you been having a conversation with me and wished that I would just lean into the Lord and rest rather than complaining?

Sigh. I know. I want that for me, too.

I even want it for you.

Jealousy makes me tired.

Comparison dulls my shine.
Competing with people on the internet accomplishes nothing. Nada. Zilch.
(This piece on discontentment really resonated.)

I know I talk a lot about money. And about the soul-sucking debt that is student loans. And I'm sorry. I'm attempting to consciously do better. (This doesn't mean I won't always rejoice when payday arrives though! Hahahahaha) Seriously though. We have ALWAYS been provided for. Truthfully, I usually have most of what I want that I don't even need. I'm trying to be grateful rather than wasting my time craving what someone else has. 

I was BLOWN AWAY when I read my friend Heather's post. Please check it out here. It should seriously encourage everyone!

I'm sorry for complaining, comparing, and assuming I deserve (fill in the blank) things. I realize that it can make me not so fun to be around!

Besides finances, I complain about my "adult body" or my "marriage weight" too often. Growing up with a metabolism that dissolved calories before I even ingested them spoiled me. Really, I'm thankful for my body. Could I use a little exercise? SURE. Could I use a little self control when I'm eating my favorite pizza? Probably so. BUT, I am thankful for this body, as imperfect as it is.

I just want the fall to be a season of rejuvenation. I want to replace any and all feelings of jealousy, discontentment, comparison, and bitterness to be replaced with gratitude, creativity, hope, and love.

Here's hoping we can lift each other up and press on towards what actually matters.

Love you,


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