It's August, which means it's still sweltering heat in Mississippi, but it's also back to school season! That means families, stores, and football fans are gearing up for fall!

Summer has always been my favorite, but I believe that statement was truer when days were slower and I spent a lot of time in a pool. I've been swimming twice this summer, and the season has been rather intense. I've been so drawn to fall the past few years, and I'm more ready this year than ever before! 

I thought I would pop in and share some snapshots from my summer since I meant to be blogging all along and didn't! Whoops. #TimeFliesWhenYoureBusy #OrWatchingNetflix (Speaking of...have you watched Stranger Things yet?!)

Love you!


  1. A summer filled with pretty flowers, good people, and yummy food?! Perfection!


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