Blog-tember Day 12 // Three Books!

Today's Blog-tember prompt is to share three books - one I've read, one I'm currently reading, and one I want to read!

Previously read: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (and it's two follow-ups) has become the book I constantly recommend to any and everyone who asks! I bought it as a bargain book, on a whim, and it became one of my favorites ever. 

P.S. Now you can get the trilogy in one volume! Run, don't walk!

Currently reading: I've been taking my dear, sweet time getting through Harry Potter. I'm finally to the 6th book. Things are starting to pick up. The pace is quickening. Determined to be done by the next time I'm at Hogwarts. ;)

Want to read: I have SO many books I want to read. Make It Happen is (finally) next on my list. You can read my post about it here! I love Lara so much, and I'm excited that our tiny book club is starting it in October!

Seriously though, I own so many books I haven't read, and my Amazon wishlist keeps growing. #BookwormProbs

I can't wait to see what you're reading either!



  1. I have tons of books I want to read too #bookloverproblems haha. I have heard great things about Make It Happen and love Lara's power sheets.

  2. I love finding new books to read! And I love series book so I will look into Jenny Han's!


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