Blog-tember Day 29 // My Fab!

Thursday, Sept. 29: Your Fab Five. Share your favorite bloggers/besties and tell us what you love about them! Share a link and give a shout out.

Happy Thursday, friends! I'm sharing three women who totally inspire me! Many of my in-person friends don't blog and/or are super private on social media, so I'm sharing three who do!

My IRL friend Jess blogs at To My Own Beat about Jesus, her family, adoption, and lots of grace. You won't be sorry that you've found her blog, I can promise. Pour yourself a mug of cocoa and read her witty and honest posts.

My spectacular friend Hannah uses Instagram as a mini-blog to share about her family! She is SO busy with work and family and life and yet still manages to love her people well. 

My friend Kasia blogs at Kasia's Kitchen! She's getting married VERY soon! She loves fall and Harry Potter and Starbucks and pretty nails. She's amazing.



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