Blog-tember Day Eight // Home Tour

Let's just get down to the truth, y'all. The house is a mess, and I don't have time to clean it all for this post. So, I'm going to show you some of my favorite spots, AND I'm going to make it a goal to show you the whole thing later on!

Jordan and I rent a duplex. Jordan moved in during June of 2012, and I moved in on our wedding day in August of 2012! It has been our cozy space ever since, and curating our space has become one of my favorite projects!

We have several bookshelves, and this is the newest addition!

We spend our awake hours in the living room on this fluffy couch! We use ALL the blankets and stay as snug as can be! We're usually reading or watching Netflix or something on our computers. 

We've worked to collect things for our gallery wall, but we're planning to redo it! #excited

One of our favorite features is the screened-in back porch!

Our sleeping hours are spent in our bed, with loads of blankets and the a/c cranked down! There isn't anything better than a cold room and warm bed at the end of a long day!

Thanks for visiting!


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