Blog-tember Day Five // Most Memorable Birthday

Today's post is all about my most memorable birthday! For me, three birthdays come to mind! My 18th, 26th, and 30th!

For my 18th birthday, I had a red carpet party at the Mad Hatter, a former Clinton coffeehouse. I asked my friends to come dressed as their favorite celebrity. I went as Paris Hilton, because DUH, 2004. Hahahaha.

As the party was about to begin, my cellphone rang. It was my Dad wishing me a fun time at my party! I would be seeing him the next week for my graduation, and he lived 12+ hours away. I walked outside, and he was coming around the corner! I was surprised FOR SURE!

For my 26th birthday, Jordan, Katelyn, and I were going to see TNA Impact Wrestling! We had already paid an arm and a leg for tickets, but once we arrived, we upgraded our tickets AND Jordan bought us $30 action figures so we could meet my favorite wrestler EVER, Jeff Hardy!

I had written him a letter so in case I got to meet him I wouldn't babble on and on like an idiot. I got to meet him AND give him the letter! We even got to go backstage another time, thanks to our creative signs! Best part? Getting to get into the ring afterwards to have my picture made with Jeff. He wished me a happy 26th birthday, letting me know he had read my letter. Probably one of my ultimate favorite birthdays ever.

And obviously, I can't finish this post without mentioning my amazing 30th birthday from a few months ago!!!! You can read all about it and see the photos here!

Tell me about your favorite birthday!


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