Blog-tember Day Nine // Wanderlust

First, I don't know if anyone is out there reading, but I am LOVING Blog-tember so much! Even though it's 10:35 p.m., and I'm just now doing today's post, I'm really enjoying the accountability and the prompts! (Kudos to Love Bailey Jean for setting this all in motion! It makes me sad I only found out about it this year!)

Today's prompt is, "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?"

If you follow me in real life, you know Disney is the only destination that starts on my mind and heart. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I have dreams of many sunny, sandy places and big cities!

As a child/pre-teen, I was sure Australia was my ideal vacation spot. Then, after seeing the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, I knew I had to go to Greece. I really want to visit New York City. I REALLY REALLY want to visit California. 

I'm such a homebody, that I don't feel like I have wanderlust in my heart. UNTIL I consider that if I could take my dog and husband, I'd LOVE to see the world. It's true. #HomeIsWhereverImWithYou

I'd love to go to Palm Springs.

I'd love to go to Beverly Hills.
I'd love to go to New York City.
I'd love to go to Paris.
I'd love to go to London.
I'd love to go to Martha's Vineyard.
I'd love to go to Boston.
I'd love to go to Iceland.
I'd love to go SO MANY PLACES.

I want to see Salvation Mountain and the Hollywood sign. I want to see the Atlantic and the Pacific. I'd love to see whales in the wild. I would cry seeing the Northern Lights.

There are so many places for me to see and discover for myself. I just have to be brave. I just have to pack my boy and my dog and GO. #goals

Goodnight. Sweet dreams.


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