Blog-tember Day Six // Playlist

Today's Blog-tember prompt was to create a playlist of what I'm listening to now, what encourages me, holiday favorites, etc. You must know that I'm Spotify-obsessed, so I have no shortage of playlists! In fact, I have more playlists than I care to count and admit to!

I try and create playlists based on the season, but I need to condense. I haven't made that a top priority!

My most up-to-date and most frequently played playlist these days is Light and Free! Listen below and let me know what your favorite song is! Maybe you'll find something you really like. :)

Most of them are playlists I've added to and curated, but some of them (Autumn Leaves and Harry Potter Movie Scores) are playlists I've followed and enjoy!

I especially enjoy recreating my favorite mix CDs as playlists! What are your favorite tunes of all time?

Are you on Spotify? If not, what streaming service do you use?



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