September // Blog-tember!

September is here, and I'm joining Bailey Jean for her Blog-tember Challenge! She has a list of prompts for blog posts every day of September!!! Looking so forward to this! I'm going to do my best to keep up with it.

Today is all about introducing myself...or reintroducing myself to those of you who have been here before! I love introductions and well....talking about myself! Hahahah. I'm obsessed with personality quizzes and tests and what they say about people. So let's get started here...

I'm Jessica. 

I'm 30 years old. 
I'm the wife of Jordan. 
I'm the fur-mama of #shawfollowellthornton.
I'm getting to know God in a different way - as a friend.
I work a desk job but dream of writing novels. And blogging. Words are my favorite.
BIG fan of favorites. I love getting to know people through their favorite things.
DISC. (We just did the DISC assessment at work, and I'm an "i"!)
Hufflepuff. // Pukwudgie
Loyal, almost to a fault.
Dreamer of Pinterest-y dreams.
Lover of food, friends, family, and fun. And alliteration, apparently.  :)
I could live in Barnes and Noble. 
My dream would be for my best friends to all live on the same street.
I love bright colors. I also love black. And white. 
I love people so much it kind of hurts. Seriously.
I really enjoy making new friends and getting to know people.
Social media is my JAM.
I like the noise of the keyboard as I type and the noise of basketball shoes on a gym floor.
I'm a big wrestling fan. It was my life goal to be a superstar.
My little sister (who turns 16 next week) is my favorite person.
I've had the same best friend for over 23 years. She made me an aunt this year!
I could eat Mexican food every single day. And french fries.
Also, I feel like I didn't have a sweet tooth as a kid, but I surely do now.
Disney World is my favorite place on the planet, so far.
I'm a homebody, FOR SURE.
I have a list of shows to binge watch.
I LOVE making lists.
I'm a member of the Influence Network.
I sell KEEP Collective because I'm OBSESSED with it!
I recently started using Young Living Essential Oils!
I love long weekends and am totally looking forward to this one!

Want to join us?!




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