Farewell to you, 2016.

In 2014, my word of the year was hope. My word for 2015 was purpose. 2016 was marked by the word unafraid. 

My word for 2017 came to me earlier than normal, but I was glad. My word for 2017 is home. There are a few reasons behind this. 

  • I want to remember that this world is not my home.
  • I want to do some work around the house to make it a calmer, more peaceful haven.
  • I want to spend time learning how to rest intentionally, and this means saying no to some of the good things that have previously filled up my calendar in order to learn how to be still with the Lord.
Here we are friends - in a brand new year we've all been waiting on. Just remember that our hope isn't in the date on a calendar.

Happy New Year to you! Hope it's the best yet!



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