Day off!

I love days off. Especially Mondays. Three day weekends are THE best!

I've been wanting to come back here, to my blog home, to try and write again. I've determined that it'll be way more fun to do it for me - my words, my pictures - no matter how serious or silly. I always used to want my blog to take off and be my main source of income, but that's just never been in the cards for me. (And that's ok!)

So, I'm back, baby! My day off included washing sheets and blankets, lunch with my mama, coffee with my sister, and having my sweet husband take my picture for this post! 

I'm OBSESSED with these shoes from Target and this new bag I grabbed at Wal-Mart! (You can click to shop, but I'm not legit enough to make money from those links! hahaha)

I'm happy to be back here in my space. I hope I can pop in with things that I love or things that matter to me much more often - especially since I've taken all the pressure off myself!

Happy mid-February, friends!


P.S. Thanks to Jordan for being the best husband he can be for me - and for coming after work to take my pictures.


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