Y'all, I have followed Studio DIY for a while, and ever since Kelly launched #CantClutchThis, I've wanted to join! It's a monthly subscription of an amazing clutch and optional flair you can add on additionally! My only regret is that I didn't join last year because I missed SO many cute ones (especially the credit card, pool, and faux fur clutches)!!!

When I saw the February clutch announcement, I knew I couldn't miss this one! I love the clear plastic, yellow zipper, and the keychain! I had to add the keychain because it totally takes me back to the Koosh balls of my childhood!

Another optional piece of flair was THE cutest enamel pin. I have a tiny but growing collection of those, but for the sake of our budget, I'm limited to one piece of flair a month. (Except maybe for my birthday or Christmas!)

Today was a fun day, so it seemed like the perfect day to grab a Starbucks, put on my GLOW shirt, and take #shawfollowellthornton for a stroll in her new stroller. It helps that Jordan is always down to take my picture and make me smile. Thankful for days like this.



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