My identity.

I got this necklace the summer after 5th grade as my mom and I drove from Jackson to our new home in Southaven. (I remember it as my first trip to Target!) It was surely "Clueless" inspired. (And yes, I still have and wear it.)

In the summer of 2016, I got this necklace at the cutest shop in town. I think the term "wifey" is so cute, and I love being a wife, so it seemed fitting and light-hearted!

Obviously, I find something I like and latch on.  ;)

Last month, I saw Jen Gotch, founder of bando, announce her collaboration with Iconery. They teamed up to release necklaces that said "Anxiety" and "Depression" to break the stigma and bring awareness to mental illness. 

As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to have one. I felt understood and seen and included. I felt like I belonged. (I've known these things are true and have felt them in my own community, but I felt it now on social media, too!) My anxiety is not something I've ever tried to hide. In fact, you can look back on this very blog and see many instances of me trying to talk it out. But this - this collaboration felt like the very thing I needed. (I guess I kind of felt like it was made for me.)

(Of course, not everyone took it that way. A portion of her followers didn't like the idea at all and had a lot of their own valid feelings.)

Now, my identity isn't just in my name or my marital status or my mental health. My identity is in being a child of God. He made me, though, and so He knew I would struggle with anxiety. He knew I would be a wife. He knew I would be Jessica even before my own parents did.

I love these necklaces and what they say about me. I'm thankful for who God made me and the role I get to play in His story.

 If you had a nameplate necklace, what would yours say?

Hope you're all having a good week!


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