Let me dust this thing off...

Well, hello there. I realize it's likely there aren't many people reading this as I haven't written a word here in the past 11 months. But if you're here, welcome. 💖 I'm so glad you are.

I've wanted to come back to this blog so many times in the past 11 months, but for whatever reasons, I haven't. 

Should I change the name? Should I start over, brand new, with something different? Should I even try to write anything here again? Insert all the questions and insecurities here.


Now, I'm back. And I'm excited about it.

I started Meet the Magnolias (with two of my friends) back in 2012. Since there were three of us, it made sense that it was "Meet the Magnolias". Now that it's just me, I don't know if the name still fits, but alas, between my thing with loyalty and my aversion to change, here we are, friends. For now, at least.

I think, despite the questions and insecurities, expectations have been another factor that kept me from coming back here to write again. I wanted to be a blogger. A real blogger. One that makes a real job out of sharing her heart and interests on the internet. The more I hoped, the less I tried. I think it has to be a true combination of both passion and effort.

Regardless, I think missing this space outweighs my desire to be known. I'm about to back to MySpace Jessica and use this space as a diary. This is my little corner of the internet, and I have ALL the things to say and share.

I've seen several people start blogging again over the last few weeks, and it has made me so excited! I feel like we are all pulling up our chairs to a table that has been vacant for too long. I'm excited to try again.

I'm looking forward to writing and sharing and feeling and processing and joking here. Thanks for stopping by!


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