From the office of...

ME! Last fall, Jordan and I worked really hard to clean out our guest room and turn it into an office space. I haven't made much use of it until this week, and it feels like such a special room!

I've been answering work emails from home since Tuesday, and I must say, I love working from home. Despite two bouts of almost-anxiety, I'm doing pretty well...which is saying something if you know me!

I'm currently waiting on a conference call, and I'm eager to "be" together with all my co-workers for a bit.

I'm still trying to feel out what blogging looks like for me at this time. I still want to share some fun things (like our Disney trip from February and my latest clutch from Can't Clutch This), but I'm also using this as a journal of sorts. *shrugs*

I don't even think anyone is reading...but that's ok. That was never the point on MySpace, and it's not the point now.

Happy Friday, friends.



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