Dear Jessica Simpson,

Dear Jessica Simpson,

Reading non-fiction is hard for me, so between that and a global pandemic, it took me so long to finish your book. I just wanted to write you this virtual note to let you know how it affected me.

Truthfully, I've always been a fan of yours (like since your debut), so I was just sure I was going to love your book! I remember on a trip to Destin after my 2004 high school graduation, I laid on the beach and listened to In This Skin on repeat (via cd walkman, naturally). When I'm a fan of someone or something, I'm committed. Loyal, like a golden retriever! Also, I certainly do judge a book by its cover, and this one won me over immediately!

I loved all the ladies of pop (Britney, Christina, you, and Mandy), but something about you always seemed so approachable to me. Between your southern roots and love of the Lord, I felt sure we could've been friends in real life!

I LOVE the way you write. I felt like I was sitting with you, listening to you recount so many things I only ever saw on tv or in magazines. I feel like I met your family members and saw your houses and went on trips. I feel like I got to know your friends and got to see you as a big sister. (I'm a big sister, too. My little sister is the apple of my eye!)

Throughout the stories of love, heartbreak, heartache, and triumph, I felt like I was there cheering for you! When you and Eric met, my heart swooned! Your words let me know that he was the one for you. And when you found out you were pregnant, I nearly wept! 

I am SO proud of you. Of what you've overcome. Of who you are. Even of who you were and may still become. I'm so thankful that you were vulnerable and honest and shared all of your story so far.

I think it feels personal because it encouraged me. I think I find non-fiction most difficult because it typically requires some sort of response or action from the reader. Your book made me remember that God made me and loves me. His grace is enough for me - all of me - anxiety, depression, obsessions, and all. I am smart and beautiful and capable, even when I feel the opposite of all of those things.

Just super thankful for your story and your voice. Let's be friends. (Y'all, crazier things have happened.)

Love always,
Jessica Thornton


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