Casting Call: Main Character

 I've wanted to be better about blogging for a while. Years, tbh. I think the best thing for me is to just treat it like I treated my MySpace blogs. Like a journal. Scattered but coherent. Like me.  :)

Yesterday, Jordan and I went to church for the first time since the pandemic. We sang a song I hadn't heard before called Getting Ready. You can hear it here. As I was listening to the words and trying to sing along, I had a mind-blowing epiphany. 

Despite so many reminders and lessons, I forget that the entire purpose of my life is eternity.

I was thinking about this other song that I sing on repeat - Wait on You. I sing the song as if I'm singing about what I'm waiting on the Lord to do for me. The catch is - HE HAS ALREADY DONE IT!

Jesus is what He has done for me. I forget that I'm not the main character in this story. I forget (HOW?!) that it's not about me.

Do I think God cares about my hopes and dreams and desires? Of course. He created me exactly how I am. WHICH IS WHY HE KNEW I NEEDED JESUS. It's also why He gifted me in certain ways or designed my heart in others. All for His glory.

Anything good in me is because of Him. It's wild how easily I forget that He is the whole point of everything.

YOU are so loved.



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