Let's chat about Covid-19 and the vaccine, shall we?

This blog is my outlet any time I have something to say (and am not too lazy to say it), so it shouldn't be a surprise to any of you that I'm finally touching on Covid-19 and the main feelings I've had about it over the last 17 months.

I feel like we were doing well. The numbers were decreasing slowly. It seemed like we could see the light at the end of the tunnel...and it ended up being the headlight of a train.

I don't even know where to begin, really. I keep thinking that if I feel like this, I can't even begin to image how our entire system of healthcare workers feels. I think I can take a guess though. They probably feel: Tired. Disrespected. Ignored. Like their time and efforts aren't valued.

Last week, I felt so heavy and so grieved. This week, though, the rage is simmering just below the surface. (This is the feeling rotation I've been on for the past month.)

I want to talk about the vaccine. Two shots and a booster. To protect myself and others - babies, children under 12 who aren't yet eligible for the vaccine, adults with compromised immune systems, and those who live with chronic illnesses.

I was scared when I got my first shot. I was nervous when I got my second shot. However, I'm scared any time I have to have blood drawn or get a shot of any kind! This wasn't out of the ordinary for me. I'm scared of almost everything, so this wasn't some exception. However, the thought of me transmitting Covid to one of the several babies I love or someone I see daily who has a compromised immune system was/is WAY scarier.

I know not everyone wants the vaccine for a multitude of reasons. However, when you choose not to get vaccinated or can't for whatever reason, you can still do your part. Wear a mask. Social distance. Maybe don't go on 34 vacations with 78 of your closest friends. The vaccine is a part of a long list of things to do to be responsible during this time. And if you're doing your part to stay safe and be responsible for yourself and others, I don't know why you let your feathers get ruffled by us (the vaccinated) hoping that more people choose to get the vaccine. If you think your liberty is being threatened because you don't feel like missing out on a trip or two or because wearing a mask is uncomfortable, you're adding to the problem rather than resolving it. (We are truly, TRULY all tired of missing out.)

My frustration is because the same ones of us who have hunkered down and masked and social distanced (since March of 2020) and gotten the vaccine are doing the work STILL while a lot of you think this is a political scam and refuse to allow your FrEeDoM to be affected. 

I don't care if Bill Clinton needs to give me the vaccine while playing his saxophone. I don't care if George W. Bush and Michelle Obama want to hold hands and each give me a shot in my two arms in unison. I don't care if George Washington comes back from the dead, wood teeth a'clacking, to administer my booster shot.

Why? Because I believe in science. I believe that God, Creator of the universe and everything in it, gave people wisdom and knowledge to develop vaccines for such a time as this.

Parents don't want their children having to learn virtually (understandably), but the same parents also riot about masks being mentioned. You can't have it both ways. We can't have it both ways. What you're demanding is a life pre-Covid, and I think it's pretty clear by now that we aren't going back to that.

Even if we wish we were.

Stay safe, friends. Please do your part - whatever that looks like for you.



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