An Ode to Amberwood


We're moving! But only to another duplex in our same city! (Lol at the use of "city" here. IYKYK)

In July, we found out that our landlord needed to raise the rent of our current place. Within an hour or two, we'd found out that some friends of ours have a rental opening up soon. It truly was a provision from the Lord. The timing, the location, all of it.

We've lived in this duplex for 9 years! Jordan moved in a couple of months before we got married, and I drove here to make it my home straight after our wedding! I feel like I need to write this post for myself just to reflect and show my gratitude for the home this house has been.

We've celebrated so many holidays here. We brought Shaw home here! We've started traditions here that we'll always have. 

We have battled depression and anxiety. I've found my perfect match in a counselor. We've embraced ourselves, and we're thriving. The Lord has provided financially again and again. And again. We've made friends and lost friends. We've learned the real meaning of the word "family".

Friends and family have shown up to cry and laugh - sometimes at the same time! I've hosted girls for bible study and several of my birthdays. Jordan has written songs and played music with his friends. I've given many haircuts on the back porch. I'm truly so so so thankful for all these walls have seen.

Our new place is going to be beautiful, and I can't wait! However, it is smaller than our current place, and it has really made me think. God has provided so well for us over and over again. Just because I've accepted the world's idea that things have to be newer and bigger to be better doesn't make it true! 

I'm also working through my own insecurities about what I thought I should be like as an adult - or what I should have accomplished or done by this point. It's funny that moving from one place in Clinton to another has me uncovering so many things inside myself, but then again it isn't. Epiphanies are kind of my thing. (Hahahah!)

Sometimes our hope is tied to our expectations, and that's not necessarily good or healthy. I can't imagine how good our new place is going to be, but I'm expectant and hopeful! (Also, THE NATURAL LIGHT = be still my heart!)

It's bittersweet. We have the World's Best Neighbor across the street. This is my comfort zone. I love the neighborhood. It's pretty much where we became adults. I know the memories won't fade, but it'll be sad to drive away for the last time as residents.

(PLEASE if you normally send us a holiday card, let me send you our new address!)

I can't wait to "show" you our new home in a couple of weeks. Until then, you'll find us sorting, packing, and laughing. (Although, I may cry, too.)

Love always,



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