Dear Jenny Han,


Dear Belly,

Dear Lara Jean,

Dear Jenny Han,

I don't know if you'll see this, but I have to write it nonetheless. In fact, I'm writing it whether Jenny ever sees it or not...a lot like Lara Jean writing those letters to all the boys...(See what I did there?) I just need to. This is my love letter to Jenny Han and the books she's penned for us and movies she's made. AND Amazon series based on the greatest trilogy ever written!!!!

When I'm a fan of something, I feel like I'm THE biggest fan of it, you know? These characters, these stories, your words - I'm a fan! I feel like they were some of the first fictional characters that I felt like I bonded with. I've shared your name and these books with so many friends through the years. I even took the Summer trilogy (all in one volume!) to give as my favorite things at a Favorite Things party!

You should know that I'm an enneagram 6. The loyalist. TSITP will never not be my favorite.

But wait. Let's back up. In either 2010 or 2011, I was in Books-A-Million on my lunch break. I went every single week to add to my enormous collection of magazines. (Long live print!!) On one of those trips, I was looking at a table of marked down books. I don't know how cultured and studious you may be, but I know that I do, in fact, judge books by their covers. Well, and titles.

I saw "The Summer I Turned Pretty" and knew it was meant for me. (It was also only $1, which is an absolute and total steal.) I bought it and didn't read it for a while. When I did, though, I had to have the next two books because I Had. To. Know. I had to know who Belly became. I had to know what became of the brothers. I had to know what Jenny had so magically crafted for me.

Tomorrow, The Summer I Turned Pretty launches as a series on Amazon. I feel like I could cry. Partly because I feel like people who haven't loved this for a decade will suddenly feel like the biggest fan. Mostly because I've watched Jenny Han's career blossom into something more beautiful than I could've hope for her!

I'm proud. I'm thankful. See you in Cousins Beach.


Jessica Thornton, your biggest fan

P.S. Because I can be a little bit silly, I do have proof! :) I scrolled way back to the near-beginning of my Instagram because I knew I'd documented reading them. (Also, why isn't there a feature yet to get back to the beginning of our Instagram profiles?)

P.P.S. Why am I the way that I am?


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