It's me. Hi.

 I can't believe another year has come and almost gone, and I haven't written on here since New Year's Day!

I'm getting ready for bed, but I just needed to stop here first. This week, my heart and mind have been so full of thoughts and plans and hopes for this space. Yes, even after all this time. After all these years.

I think it's fun and exciting to dream again about what I want to share here. When I first started this back in 2012, I was sure this was going to be my ticket to internet fame. As years have come and gone, I've realized more and more that really I've been looking for two things in that pursuit/desire: to be seen and to be in community. I don't need the internet for that, but I'm here to try and steward my space better.

This is just for me. I blogged on MySpace all through college, and it was so beneficial for me. I can't wait to write (type) my little heart out. If anyone sees it, yay! Welcome! And if not, that's ok! At least I didn't grow old with all these thoughts swimming only in my head and heart!

Goodnight, friends. I'm eager to be back.



As always, you can connect with me @jesstinybird anywhere you log in! 


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