Miss you already, TGT.

 As I might have mentioned 100 times before, I've had a growing list of blog topics in my phone for several years. I am a graphic tee girlie, and one of the topics on that list was to highlight my favorite t-shirt brands. The first store on my list is Totally Good Time.

In my reignited desire to write and share, today seemed like the day to do start sharing from my list. :)

Today is the last day for the TGT store to be open. In fact, because we're in different time zones, Kyle has closed his store for the last time already. You can visit the website and see if there's anything left. Last time I checked (this morning), almost everything was SOLD OUT!

I don't know for sure how long I've followed Totally Good Time, but I know I made my first order in 2020! (I do wish that Instagram would allow you to see how long you've been following someone in the same way Facebook shows you your friendship.)

I am a fandom girl. I love the things I love with a burning passion, and Kyle's designs and concepts have always made me feel so seen. Like, "YES! Someone else gets it!!!"

Naturally, I'd planned to fix my hair and put on makeup and take precious photos. I ended up not really ever getting "ready" for the day, but I didn't let it stop me! (This is a total win in my hopes to blog more consistently and share the things on my ever-growing list of topics!)

So thanks, Kyle, for creating all the great products you have and for putting your heart and creativity into every single one.

I've had a Totally Good Time with you. Good luck, Champ. ;)

Love, Jessica


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