The same old me, but not

Hello, 2024. It's so nice to see you. 

I started in a note in my phone back before 2023 ended of thoughts I wanted to blog by December 31. Needless to say (yet I'm still saying it), I never got around to it. It felt like one more thing I'd planned and didn't follow through on, but the truth of the matter is that my list kept growing.

The more I thought about writing all this on the internet, the more I realized this might be something to save for my journal. However, since about 2004, that hasn't been my speed. I want to share some random things that don't seem connected. They are, though, connected. (And random, so don't say I didn't warn you.)

I'm sitting at the computer with a Coke float to my right and the list on my left. Let's get to it.

I can pray blessings over my friends and people in my life without worrying that it'll make blessings happen for them and not me. 2024 is about working on the scarcity mindset - whether it's about money, time, or opportunities.

I'm already blessed more than I could ask or imagine. He promised it, and looking at my life, He has done it all along.

Sometimes I have to repent over my worst case scenario thinking because it's me not trusting the Lord.

I realize that often, I say things trying to relate to someone, for shock value, or for a quick giggle, and 9 times out of 10, I end up wishing that I hadn't. This is something I'm working on.

I can apologize and own up to the fact that I've been wrong about people and had unspoken expectations that they never could've lived up to.

I can confess that I hoped for a while that everyone close to me would think the same as I do. That's because it's easier to feel like you're "right" if you feel justification.

I'm in a new place with the Lord these past few weeks that isn't based on my anxieties. I'm thankful for however long this season lasts.

I want to romanticize my life. I want to find joy in things, no matter how small, whether anyone else does or not.

This is most of the items on the list. I'll save the rest for my journal (or another time). I realize how random these all seems...and maybe how pointless it seems to share them on the internet. Mainly, it's just for me. I like to share my words, no matter how scattered they are. And see the Care Bears sweatshirt in the picture? It's just who I am.

I hope 2024 is off to a marvelous start and treating you kindly.

All my love,



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