2012: a quick recap

Y'all, it's hard to try and recap an entire, amazing, event-filled year in a blog. Especially quickly. But I'm about to try. (Also, almost all these pictures are from Facebook, since I'm using my sweet husband's computer. Take it or leave it, folks.)

January 2012: Katelyn and I attend our second WWE event together. (Technically, it was the first one we actually went inside for! HAH!) We love fashion and beauty and ruffles and pearls, but we also love (and I mean love) some wrestling! Hahaha. Don't worry - not everyone expects it...or understands. We met several superstars, our favorite being John the ref Cone!

February 2012: I finally got an iPhone. I know, I know. It isn't THAT big of a deal. Except I finally got instagram....just before it was released for andriod. Hahah. Typical.

Also, I read this in Glamour. It was the second time I'd heard/read/seen it in a short while...it remained a constant thought in 2012, and I'm carrying it on in to 2013. Seriously. For my health and well-being, this is vital to remember.

Andddd, I was a bridesmaid!

March 2012: The Hunger Games finally came out, as my obsession grew!

April 2012: Climbed a tree on Easter.

May 2012: I turned 26. Good grief. OLD. However, I had THEBESTBIRTHDAYEVER.   I'm always fond of May. At least for the past 7 or 8 years. My birthmonth is always filled with fun, spectacular things. This year was certainly no exception.

Before my birthday, at the very beginning of May, I got to dogsit this sweet doxie girl, Shaw. Because of that, I met one of my newest, most amazing friends, Jess. You can read about her here.

Remember how I mentioned Katelyn and I are (superintense) wrestling fans? Well, on my birthday, Jordan, Katelyn and I went to see Impact Wrestling. It cost way more than we wanted it to, but it was totally worth it. We met SO MANY superstars. Best of all? One of my life inspirations, Jeff Hardy! (I even wrote him a letter because I knew if I met him, I wouldn't be able to say all I needed to!)

Fun group hangs for Memorial Day weekend!

June 2012: My first wedding shower.

July 2012: Wedding showers and my Bachelorette Weekend to Memphis! July was a fun month.

In typical Katelyn/Jessica fashion, we knew Impact Wrestling was in Memphis the same time we were...so we ran by after dinner to see who we could see! And, I got to meet one-half of one of the top three tag teams ever - Devon Dudley!

Then, on a Friday nearing the end of July, WWE came back to Jackson! Katelyn and I scored tickets from the radio station. We took off work early and went to wait on the talent to arrive. We managed to meet a few superstars and reconnect with our favorite ref, John Cone! AND, we met Charles Robinson, one of my favorite referees since childhood!!!!! AMAZING time!

August 2012: Bridal portraits on what had to have been the hottest day ever. My wedding! And the world's best honeymoon to Disney World! Joined the best small group ever for the most wonderful, transparent Bible study.

September 2012: Settled into married life. My sister turned 12. My town's homecoming game. 

October 2012: Y'all. This month changed everything. I read and found out all about the Influence Conference. I found blogger ladies whom I LOVE. (Like really, sincerely love - so thankful for their transparency.) LOVE.

We hosted small group at our house. 
I saw Loretta Lynn in concert with one of my best friends for her birthday.
Watched the new season of Vampire Diaries. :)

November 2012: Saw Christy Nockels in concert. Saw Breaking Dawn Part Two, twice. Thanksgiving. 

December 2012: Read the She Reads Truth Advent Plan  and had my life/mind/heart rocked. Our first married Christmas. Celebrated five years with Jordan (our date-i-versary). 

I've had an amazing 2012. These pictures don't even do it justice. So thankful for the blessings in my life. 

I'm gearing up for 2013! (Or trying to finish everything that I haven't done the whole year in one day...)



  1. My favorite helpful quote! It kept sneaking up on us both all year. I can't think of more truthful words at this time in our lives. --- Katelyn


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