Confessional Friday (link-up)

OMG, she's back again! (My intention was that you would sing that line in to a BSB tune.) With another link-up, natch. It's Friday, which means Confessional Friday with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition! I confess that I'm still obsessed with everything she posts.

I confess that I'm SUPER happy my sister (Nicole) is back from camp. She had a blast and never got homesick, which I'm glad about, but I was BEYOND ready for her to come home. She's my best friend. Seriously.

I confess that I'm still in love with working downtown. Our office has always been considered to be downtown, but I love being in the heart of the city. I enjoy walking to lunch spots and seeing all the big buildings. (The one with the golden windows is our new digs!)

I confess that I squealed when I saw the above at the grocery store check-out last night! A pack of watermelon only Jolly Ranchers. Swoon!!!!!

I confess that I think it's SO CUTE how excited Jordan is about the World Cup. I'm learning a lot about soccer. It's the least I can do since he watched Rachel Zoe's Zoe Project on dvd with me last night. Marriage is about sharing interests.  :)

I confess that I'm so obsessed with Spotify. I talked about it here, but I've made some playlists this week. Search + find me, if you dare! New playlists include: My Teen Queens, You girls rock!, You Girls Keep Me Young, Country Girls, and Boy Bands. So much good music. So much nostalgia!

I confess, lastly, that I'm SO GLAD the weekend is just hours away. I'm hoping to get a lot done around the house and get some reading done! Seeing Katelyn (a former magnolia writer!) tonight, so I'm eager for our catch up session.

Have an amazing Friday + weekend, gals.


Are we following each other? Make sure! I'm @jesstinybird everywhere!


  1. I feel like i am obsessed with her as well, she is so so incredible

  2. A watermelon only pack of Jolly day ever! My sister is my best friend too! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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