Blog-tember Day Seven // 5 Things That Bring Me Joy

How fitting that the day the blog-temper prompt is to write about things that bring me joy is also my sister's 16th birthday! 

Can we talk about joy? It is defined as:

When I was 14 years old and losing my only-child status, joy was not even on my radar. I didn't think of it as an optional response, and I certainly didn't want anyone trying to apply that definition to my life! (I was 14. I obviously knew a lot.)

Now I'm glad, again, that God knows what we need when we need it. When He gave me Nicole, He gave me a joy I hadn't known before - the joy of being a sister! It has truly been the best gift and my favorite title!

So, alas, here are five things (about Nicole) that bring me JOY:
1. Her humor! She cracks me up always! She is witty and silly in the best ways, and we usually get carried away...but that's what sisters are for. 
2. Her style! I would like to at least take some of the credit for her style, but I'm not sure I can! She has such an eye for cute outfits, and she always does the absolute most!

3. Her thoughtfulness. Nicole often thinks of me and does such sweet things! She found me the otter from Finding Dory in those mystery surprise packs. She literally felt all of the packages in Target until she found one she knew was the otter. Just because she knows I love otters and wanted me to have it. Talk about making my sister heart swell.

She has bought me the most perfect birthday cards every year for as long as I can remember. Even when she was little bitty, she selected such heart-felt, touching cards for every occasion. 

4. Her heart. She is so compassionate and tender. You wouldn't know from her quiet demeanor or tough exterior, but she's a sweetheart. Seriously. She considers things now that I'm considering - things that weren't even on my radar at 16.

5. Her maturity. She works hard and deserves everything she has ever earned. She inspires me daily in so many ways.


     I will forever be your biggest fan. Forever. No matter what. I love you. You're the best sister I could have, and I'm always thankful for you. Thanks for being the best Aunt Coco that #shawfollowellthornton could ever want. I think you're the smartest, kindest girl on the planet. There isn't anything I won't do for you.

     Thank you for thinking I was cool, even when you were the only one. You're way cooler than I'll ever be, so looking back on the times when you wanted to hang out and be like me is a sweet treasure now! During the deepest pit of my anxiety, when you were 10/11 and I was 24/25, thank you for letting me sleep in your bed. You were the greatest comfort and companion I could have had!

     You are a priceless treasure. Your heart radiates the qualities of who God made you to be. I know life is stressful and hard, and it isn't always as fun as summer vacation/Christmas break, but you're rocking the world. I'm thankful every moment that you're my little sister.

Love you to the moon of the farthest galaxy,


What five things bring YOU joy?! You don't have to comment or write a blog post of your own. Just reflect and choose gratitude today.

P.S. You can go back in the archives and read my post from when she turned 13 HERE! (I apologize in advance for picture repeats. #sorrynotsorry)




  1. AWW what a sweet tribute to your sister on her birthday! And your letter was so heartwarming! What a sweet big sis you are!

  2. Awww that is a great way to use your joy post! so sweet!


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