Why I Blog (Link-Up!)

One of my favorite bloggers, Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition, is hosting a super fun link up today!

Why do I blog? Hmm. Let me count the ways (whys)!

I've always loved writing. And sharing my opinions. Hahaha. I had an AOL Journal page. Then a Xanga, though briefly. Then MySpace, where I blogged and blogged! Then there was My Beautiful Perspective.

Last spring, I was just certain it was time for something more - a blog with a wider spectrum and reach. I was talking/brainstorming with Katelyn and Karson, and Meet the Magnolias was born! (It's almost our blog birthday!)

Meet the Magnolias and my blog reading have led me to find a wonderful community and several new friends!

So, I blog because I feel like I have something to say. (That doesn't sound quite as eloquent as I hoped it would!) And I blog because it has connected me to people to learn from and grow with!



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