BYE, February!

What. A. Month. 
I've told people that February 2016 has been the craziest, most emotional month Jordan and I have had in forever. Financially, it was a tough month just because of the way pay periods and holidays had fallen, so that probably added to the weight of it!

First came Mimi
Peanut's birthday. 
Then, IF:Pinelake happened.
Mom's birthday. 
Emmett* arrived 5 weeks early. 
Valentine's Day. 
More birthdays and a shower. 
Then there was an almost-house. 

Also, I haven't painted my nails more than once this month. 
I've only worn lipstick with any color once or twice. WHO AM I?! 
I obviously just haven't been feeling like myself!!!
I also got into that if-I-can't-finish-it-all-I'm-not-even-starting-any-of-it funk. 

This weekend was wonderful and really turned the month around for me. (I'm SO thankful that it ended beautifully.) 

I can breathe with sweet relief that as February comes to a close everything is as it should be. Is it how we pictured it or how we hoped? Maybe not at first. Good thing about it, though, is that God's plans are good whether things go as we plan or not.

March starts tomorrow, and that totally signifies spring for me. So here we go, friends. Bright skies and fresh starts await each of us! After all, we have a good, good Father.

* Emmett is the son of my best friend of 23 years. He's THE most precious baby boy in all the land. Seriously!!

YOU are so loved!


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