Currently {September} Link-Up

I love participating in the Currently link-up that Jenna and Anne do every month. As I mentioned, I love lists, so this is just another outlet for that! (It's the first Wednesday of every month, and we would love for you to join us!!)

I'm currently writing: blog posts upon blog posts and text messages! Y'all, I love to text. I love having constant communication - whether it be text, email, or social media. I'm working on some blog drafts, so here's hoping the writing bug sticks with me! (After reading some other ladies' posts, I'm reminded that I used to love writing in a journal. I need to get back to that!)

I'm also hopeful that the change in seasons will get my creative juices flowing so I can work on a couple of pieces of fiction, too!

I'm currently anticipating: the weekend! Yes, I know it's a short work week, but for some reason, they can seem longer than the usual weeks do. Also, my sister turns 14 this weekend, so I'm eager to celebrate her! In case you missed it last year, I totally adore her.

I'm currently missing: the days of living in the dorm with my best girls! Every time fall rolls around, I miss it all over again! We had some good times. I remember hearing that those were the best days of our lives...and of course, I didn't believe it. Trust me, though, those were the days!!  :)

I'm currently wearing: a pink dress! It's Wednesday, so naturally I'm wearing pink. :) And black. Fall is here, so I'm wearing even more black than usual.

I'm currently craving: Mexican food - ALWAYS! I'm pretty sure I could eat it five or more times a week! If you need a lunch or dinner date or want to invite me over for taco night, don't wait! I'll eagerly accept!

Hope you have an amazing Wednesday!

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  1. Yep, I'm always craving Mexican too. We're planning to eat out tonight, and now I think it's going to need to be tacos & guacamole :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love me some Mexican food- now I've got the itch!

  3. Aw! My little sister turned 14 last month. I think it's neat we both have sisters that are so young. :) Oh, and I'm always craving mexican food too!

  4. Cute post and congrats on the award


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